Lang-ay 2006: Sen. Angara was guest of honor; Abeya was special guest from overseas; Starstruck Marky Cielo wows the crowd

>> 2/11/2009

Lang-ay 2006 revisited

Senator Eduardo Angara was the guest of honor during the 2006 Lang-ay celebration . He congratulated festival organizers in coming up with an original event.

United States- based Edwin Abeya, president of US-based Jacer Inc was guest speaker in the event’s AgroFair and Cultural Interlude. Abeya traces his roots from Sagada, Mountain Province. He urged everyone to make Mountain Province a Class One province not only in culture but in all categories.

Also, one of the event’s highlights was the visit of Marky Cielo, winner of Starstruck TV celebrity contest, who is proud of his Igorot roots. Marky Cielo traces his roots from Bauko and Besao, Mountain Province (May he rest in peace).

Lang-ay is generally defined as cultural and wine festivities to share happiness and promote solidarity. Relevant to the cultural event is an added attraction on this year’s celebration on the competition of fermenting jars called "gusi ' or "burnay" containing the local wine 'tapey' or 'basi', and paraded by the street dancers.

A cultural theater presentation on "Sinauliyan", was held. Sinauliyan is a story about tribal conflict over water ownership that ended in love and marriage and "Lumawig", the legendary Cordillera god.

Lang-ay in the Igorot dialect means fellowship. The folk ritual involves offering wine and animals such as pigs and chickens to the pagan gods. A cultural presentation and street dancing noted the efforts of the villagers to preserve the Igorot culture. Gov. Maximo Dalog hopes the event will foster unity and closer ties among his province mates.

Lang-ay event also include agro industrial fair which aims to boost the marketability of local products including tourism.


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